Back to GNOME Foot.

Dear Ubuntu developers,

Please!!! Give us back the GNOME foot into the GNOME default icon theme. I’m not asking you to change the Human theme, just to keep the GNOME theme with the foot! Please! :)

Vincent, Wouter, Jakub: About Dark Themes, I made my choice:

  • Darklooks((gnome-themes-extras)) (I changed the blue color of the selected items for #99B0C6);
  • Tango icon theme (great contrast);
  • That wallpaper.

Dear Lazyweb,

Is there a way to not change things in browser (Epiphany) when using dark themes? UPDATE: I want to keep anything as using a light theme.

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6 thoughts on “Back to GNOME Foot.”

  1. I don’t remember right (I’m actually using a custom darkish gummy theme, but not dark enough to switch fonts from being black, nor textbox from being white), but I remember I did something like:
    body {
    background: #fff;
    color: #000;

    in epiphany’s default style sheet.

  2. The missing foot icon for the menu and other places in Ubuntu is probably one of the reasons i jumped ship back to Debian. I like Gnome as it’s made, i get annoyed when distros start forcing their own little version of Gnome on me, with Novell being perhaps my only exception to that.

  3. Dunno if this is what you were asking, but I made my epiphany menu bar run ~/bin/my-epiphany %U, and ~/bin/my-epiphany is:

    export GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/Human/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
    exec epiphany $@

  4. I don’t know but may be it’s a theme issue. look at darkilouch, it makes gmail looks the same as if it were a light theme, well except the widgets

  5. the ubuntu icon set is very ugly. they are a real regression compared to the tango set of gnome. also their logout button is hideous. same story on

  6. some people like the ubuntu logo there
    gives a feeling of a coherent operating system, rather than a mere collection of packages
    theres nothing stopping you from putting the foot back on your own version tho

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