Dark GNOME (definitive)



It’s Clearlooks based and I’m using Tango icon theme.

Feel free to mail me (subject: “DARK GNOME”). I’ll send you the theme file (tar.gz) and the user-stylesheet.css (to make browsing easier).



Also, if you´re using Ubuntu, change the notification theme to GNOME default:

~$ gconftool -s --type=string /apps/notification-daemon/theme standard

or just change the key value using gconf-editor.

That’s all!

Dear GNOMErs:

Can I have a “http://www.gnome.org/~brunobol” space to keep some files?

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I'm a brazilian guy who loves GNOME!!!

21 thoughts on “Dark GNOME (definitive)”

  1. Can you please send me the user-stylesheet.css, I will also be able to upload it for you if you wish :)

  2. Ah, good point… I figure we trust anyone who can get a blogo account to use it responsibly (or do the appropriate thing if they make a mistake), so I’ll add it to the extension whitelist. :-)

  3. I’d like the css file. I’ve put your theme into use, but the most annoying thing about dark themes is all of the internet assumed you’re using light themes, and so they’ll set the font-color, but not the background, making it harder to read. Maybe the css file you have will make it easier…

    Firefox doesn’t quite handle it well with the location/search bar either, but I can deal with it.

  4. This theme totally rocks.
    As mentioned above, there is the problem of ver high contrast while webbrowsing.
    So your stylesheet is very welcome as it solves the issue at least for webforms, buttons etc.
    And, as i just noticed, for GMail.
    Thanks Bruno!

  5. There are things I like about this theme, but my biggest problem is that (blue) urls in email are unreadable. It was fun giving it a test drive. :)

  6. I’ll comment here and leave off the text in my email request message; I’m assuming you’re getting a handful of them. :)

    Looks really nice… my problem with Darklooks has been with the libnotify popups. I’m guessing you know this, given the prominent update notification in the screenshot. Good stuff. :D

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