Time for a new adventure…

Tomorrow will be my last day @ Lilly, it has been a great job and I have met some cool people. That chapter is over now, and I will be starting a new job this Thursday. I have accepted a position as Director of Computing Infrastructure with Silverback Assets in Chapel Hill. Sounds like a great opportunity and I am really excited about getting my hands on their IBM Blade Center. I have been doing some cool stuff with them for about a year now and love them. Here is the my job description:

Director of Computing Infrastructure
– Procure, install & maintain computing resources
– Author shell scripts and utilities for maintain resources
– Aid in database maintenance and operations
– Work with Quantitative staff to develop tools & utilities
– Promote and maintain code from R&D thru production
– Manage vendors and implementation projects as needed
– Participate on technology committee
– Backup user-support personnel

They are currently working with SUSE, Perl and Postgres.

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