holiday travel

I, as many, made a little road trip over the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a little road trip to Memphis, to visit family. The trip there was great, only hit traffic in Knoxville. Completed the trip in just 13 hours, and here is the best part. My toddler, Ashlyn, was a perfect angel. We thought she would be a nightmare!

Had a great turkey day with family, good food, and lots of kids.

The road trip home was a different story. Took us 2 days! Ashlyn had enough of the car and wasn’t too happy :-(. And, I-40 East had colapsed right at the TN-NC state line. Traffic was aweful, after getting tied for hours we had to turn around and go around it.

All and all it was a good holiday, but it will surely take a while to recover from the trip! Now the fun stuff, we started moving this week. Doing a big move on Saturday, but trying to get the little stuff over before then.

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