Help wanted, Packaging Assistant

The Foresight Linux Project is in need of a Packaging Assistant

Got some spare time? Interesting in getting involved in the community? Love working for no money? We need you!

Packaging Assistant Needed

An opportunity to gain packaging experience working for a vibrant Linux distro using a state of the art package management system. Reporting to a member of the Foresight Linux team, the role involves writing “recipes” and sending them to the team to be committed to the repository. This role has the dual responsibilities of updating the various packages currently in the Foresight Linux trove and constantly looking for new programs to add to the growing software repository. The role would suit a highly motivated individual with an abundance of initiative, as the work will be unguided, and it would be the individual’s reposnsibility to identify existing software packages that need to be updated.


  • At least 12 months Linux experience, and a current user of either Rpath or Foresight Linux, the latter being preferred.
  • Some python experience is advantageous but not essential as full recipe creation training will be given.
  • The ability to troubleshoot compile issues, and perserverence to try many routes to arrive at solution.
  • An understanding of the licensing issues facing Linux today – for example, restrictions surrounding Java and MP3.
  • Excellent attention to detail, as many of the recipes you will be creating will require stringent build requirements that if not correct, would have a “knock on” effect on the rest of the distro.
  • A time commitment of anywhere between 5 and 15 hours a week, usually averaging at about 8 hours a week.

Email for more information.

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