New house

Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th and we closed on our new house. Very excited!

Now begins the hell that is known as moving. Today I did some cabling. The house is 8 years old and didn’t have a structured wiring box. So, I picked one up at Home Depot and pulled in all the cat-5 and coax. Got the existing phone wiring converted to data and it all works! Wired it up all pretty in the box, installed a patch panel and a switch. Even tied all the wires up nicely… I am pleased!

Tomorrow I need to pull a couple more coax cables, it appears the house has never been serviced by cable. The previous owner had DirectTV, so the cable just goes up to the roof, I need to re-route and call TWC.

Once I complete that tomorrow, I will be buying a compressor and paint sprayer. I am eye balling one of the HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) ones. It should make the job go fast and create a very nice finish. I am sure we will do plenty of painting over the years, so it is a good investment.

We will most likely try to get most of the big stuff moved next weekend… So anyone in the Triangle area that wants to help move some of my crap, let me know (I could really use the help)… I will provide pizza, soda, and *some* beer. Don’t want someone that has had one to many carrying my TV.

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