Foresight Desktop Linux 0.9.4.pre1 released

I am please to announce another release of Foresight Desktop Linux. I am also quite proud to say we have reached conary 1.0, which is included! Great work by the Conary team, and many thanks!

Virtually everything is updated, too much to list. We are now derived from rPath Linux 1.0 (Yes another 1.0, thanks Distro dudes!). The label for that is, so that is the stable branch we derive from. I think that will give us a good, solid base and make things more sane to maintain.

A major update is GNOME. We are now sporting the new, shiney, everyone must have GNOME 2.13.91. This is the current development branch of GNOME, but quite stable.

Some highlights:
Conary 1.0.2
GNOME 2.13.91
NetworkManager 0.5.1
gnome-power-manager 2.13.91
GNOME Screensaver 2.13.91 (replacing xscreensaver)
Latest Banshee, Beagle and F-Spot

Get it here! Go ahead, don’t be shy.

Soon (when I get time to test them), there will be qemu and VMWare Player images available… go ahead, drool. I will be sure to post links.

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