Excuse Me, Sir, But You Dropped These Names

I’ve moved to Mountain View, California, but I just spent the weekend in Los Angeles, seeing an Aussie Rules football match (!), as part of a “let’s flog Oz” marketing event. The Swans played ugly, ugly football. And got pumped by 60 odd points. Meat pies were $7.50 (US!), but they didn’t offer a five dollar shake.

Steve Irwin (aka the Crocodile Hunter) gave a little show, surrounded by various sharp-toothed meat-eaters. Genius, madness, it’s a fine line, that one. And I spotted Rupert Murdoch wandering around the crowd, somewhat less intimidating in real life (the baggy sweatshirt probably had something to do with that). There was a Daddo, various Aussie movie starlets, and I accidentally sat in the reserved-for-Sydney-Swans-members section and was five bums down from Big Bad Barry Hall himself.

I’ve been at my new job for a week. Don’t want to say too much about it, yet. The side of caution and all that.

In Deskbar news, I ain’t done squat for some weeks now, but Mikkel and Raf are polishing a new UI that’s starting to blossom. I’ll defer to their screenshots here and here.

In related news, Holmes has landed in Beagle’s CVS. As sexy as Spotlight? No, but it’s still pretty schmick.