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Superswitcher 0.2 is out. Bon appetit.

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#1 Wolki on 01.24.06 at 4:39 am

Very useful program, thanks for writing it!

I have two problems though…

I can get it to work easily on Ubuntu Dapper, but not on Breezy. It compiles fine, and displays
SuperSwitcher version 0.2
after starting it, but doesn’t react to keypresses. I’ve tried xev, and it displays Super_L and Super_R correctly, so I doubt the keyboard setting is wrong.

The other is a bug with sticky windows. If I activate Superswitcher when a window is sticky, it’ll display an error and switching to other windows doesn’t work correctly anymore. If there’s one window on the next workspace, and I use Super+right to move there, the sticky window (on the current workspace) stays selected, though I’m already on the next workspace, and super+up/down won’t select the window there. I can super+shift+right to really get to the next workspace and be able to select things there, but this seems to remove the stickyness of the moved window. Not sure whether this works if there’s more than one window on the next workspace, I remember trying it but I’m on Breezy right now so I can’t confirm it ^^;

Small problems though, and I’m sure a lot of people will love superswitcher once the word gets around.