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Evolution on Mac OS X

Got the latest evolution CVS working nicely on MAC. Faced a few issues which seemed to be threatening initially but turned out to be simple trivial issues.

The worst of them all was the non returning of g_module_open on any of Evolution Libraries. Even a simple program which did a g_module_open was not returning :-O. Poked evolution libraries thinking it would be a circular dependency problem but turned out to be a bug in Apple’s dylsum. *phew thank god i bumped into somebody on #fink who enligtened me, otherwise i would have been buried a couple of days reading Makefiles. So i updated to 10.4.2 from 10.4.1 and auto-magically everything worked, wasted a good 6-7 hours trying to fix innocent evolution code.

Other than that there were a few issues

1) Libbonobo-2.8 : Had a usual problem of _NSGetEnviron not being used instead of the environ. Patched that up and upstreamed it.
2) A rather nasty problem of mail/Evolution-mail.idl regenerating symbols of its included shell/Evolution-Component.idl. Much thanks to Tor and Michael Meeks for fixing it, reduced my job to applying a patch.
3) Usual overlinkage problems with the plugins.

Need to purge all this into cvs.

Now i am pondering over how to distribute it. What would you guys like as a distribution channel?

Fink looks a desirable solution for minor releases. Maybe i could update the fink packages. The fink gnome tree does not look in such a bad shape as i might have feared. So maybe thats a good slution

Building a .app package has wider reach especially since its easier to get/ install. Ofcourse building a package for minor releases is rather lame and a pita.

So leave a comment if you guys have any specific choice or advice. I will try to do something about them.