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Great Indian Developer nomination

I have been nominated for the Great Indian Developer awards in the “Top Committer” category, this is old news but a lot of people have pinged me over the last few days to congratulate me and expressed surprise that i never pimped it on my blog. So well here goes πŸ™‚

Vote for me or Naba or GOSUB

There are some very credible Indian contributers on that list, Including Naba who has always been a role model for me and all Gnome developers and users in India.

In the “Collaboration Solution” category, i heartily recommend Zoho Writer, from Advent Net. Zoho has to be one of the best examples of Indian web companies doing innovative and world class products!

In other news, Life goes on as usual, I hacked up a listing of all artists on RadioVeRVe. The page lists in detail bios of all 310 artists we feature on RadioVeRVe. You can check it out here.


Here is to one more year of fighting to make a difference!

β€œThe woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep.”

Robert Frost

Life is fun

When you have creative, fun and crazy friends πŸ™‚