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Last day at Novell

All good things come to and end and so has my association with Novell. I have enjoyed the last two years and greatful to all those people who have made it so much fun. I am off to chase a few dreams now, to see if i can make it on my own for sometime. My resume is here just in case think you have something interesting for me.

Kinda makes me humm “Riders of the storm” right now. Should be a learning experience this.

Yes yes, i will still work on evolution, gnome and Open Office. Why ?

Cause its fun…

Do whats fun!


All it takes to destroy 3 months of hard work porting evolution to mac os x. Is a simple mistake at 1.

$cd /packaging

$rm -rf /opt/

wtf, no no no no it should be $rm -rf opt/

Thank god i noticed, Phew.