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Costly fall

So, yesterday i accidentally stepped over the ear phones of my I Pod and as result they broke. *grief Anyway today i went to the apple store and asked how much a spare would cost and imagine my shock when he said Rs 2.5K. For cryin out load thats way too expensive….

And from that is deduced my new slogan
An Apple a day and bankruptcy is on its way.

Maybe i should just buy a Altec Lansing, atleast then i will get my moneys worth.

Spent most of the day rebuilding most of the stuff for the mac package i am supposed to release soon.

*Rain drops are falling on my head*

Hmmm.. The song Rain drops are falling on my head song by Bj Thomas is stuck in my head for a last couple of days. Rather reflective of my mood i presume.

Nice weekend so far, just been reading up a few RFC’s and so no major hacking activity. On friday i went to hear Phenom play at Legends of rock. Nice performance, the band is basically made up of my budies so i got the cover charge waived 🙂 ( posse? ). Good fun all in all, got a bit drunk and a slightly twitchy ride back home.

Cricket practise on saturday, went rather well. I bowled really quick at times, wish there was a speedgun somewhere which could measure how fast i was bowling. Lazed around for rest of the day reading Robert Jordan Crossroads of twilight. Thats the last one in a 10 book series, really really dragging. Argh when will we ever get to tarmon gaidan.

Built and played around with e-17. Rather cool. Also tried to read up more camel code to comprehend more of the mailer. Still lots to be done before i get comfortable with the code. Hopefully shouldnt take too long. Back to work tommorow, interesting times awaiting.

Bunched Hackers

More bugzilla traversing. Partha pointed me to a few bugs in which i did some ghastly irresponsible *duplicate marking. *sigh need to pay more attention while triaging.

Committed the imap fix i wrote up yesterday, Goody. Contemplated more on how to fix the problem of plugins trying to linked to Dynamically loadable modules. On a linux system Dynamically loadable modules and shared libraries are just about the same so it makes no difference but when these are to be ported, argh thats when you hit barrier. On mac for instance Shared libraries cannot link to dynamically loadable modules so half the plugins wont even compile as most of them link to the calender component or the mail componet which are both dynamically loadable modules.

The only way around this is to tear out the current components into two parts 1) A Dynamically loadable module 2) A shared library. Also link the dynamically loadable module against the shared library (the converse of the original case). Thus all the plugins link to the shared library and hence just work.

But ofcourse what should to the Dynamically loadable module and what should go to the shared library is still to be comprehended.

Evening was more fun especially when Harish, Partha and Srini all crowded into one cubicle as the signal there was the best. Heh, somebody totally misunderstood the meaning of a closely knit team in our case it seems literally true. Three grown up men in one small cubicle trying to make as much space for themselves.. heh its a dog eat dog world.

Reached home rather late. Mom sounded extremely bouyant mood, soon discovered that was because dad gave mom new ring with 25 diamonds :-O to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Thats so adorable, they are clearly made for each other .

A weekend of Libtool madness

Was just fixing up a couple of Groupwise issues when randomly Libtool borked. It started looking for some library in an old path. Argh *Wrote a mail to the libtool list only to get a “Oh its supposed to work that way, we understand its disadvantages and its been discussed here”, Blah.. Had to make distclean and rebuild all the dependent libraries.

And after my laptop went around for 4 hours re-compiling half of gnome, I finally got something working. Although probably its just me pissed off right now but my emotions for libtool range from “I hate it” to “Piece of crap”.

So if you ever get erros like

grep: /opt/gnome/lib/libsoup-2.2.la: No such file or directory
sed: /opt/gnome/lib/libsoup-2.2.la: No such file or directory
libtool: link: `/opt/gnome/lib/libsoup-2.2.la’ is not a valid libtool archive

Ofcourse if its just libsoup borking then just rebuilding a few libraries would do but if u just rebuilt gcc and installed in a new path and libtool still has the old path. Then get ready for some serious re-compliation.

Constantly reminded of voltaire’s qoute “If you dont find something pleasent, you will atleast find something new” while fixing these libtool issues. Dear libtool, do you see what you did to me !