*Rain drops are falling on my head*

Hmmm.. The song Rain drops are falling on my head song by Bj Thomas is stuck in my head for a last couple of days. Rather reflective of my mood i presume.

Nice weekend so far, just been reading up a few RFC’s and so no major hacking activity. On friday i went to hear Phenom play at Legends of rock. Nice performance, the band is basically made up of my budies so i got the cover charge waived 🙂 ( posse? ). Good fun all in all, got a bit drunk and a slightly twitchy ride back home.

Cricket practise on saturday, went rather well. I bowled really quick at times, wish there was a speedgun somewhere which could measure how fast i was bowling. Lazed around for rest of the day reading Robert Jordan Crossroads of twilight. Thats the last one in a 10 book series, really really dragging. Argh when will we ever get to tarmon gaidan.

Built and played around with e-17. Rather cool. Also tried to read up more camel code to comprehend more of the mailer. Still lots to be done before i get comfortable with the code. Hopefully shouldnt take too long. Back to work tommorow, interesting times awaiting.