Bunched Hackers

More bugzilla traversing. Partha pointed me to a few bugs in which i did some ghastly irresponsible *duplicate marking. *sigh need to pay more attention while triaging.

Committed the imap fix i wrote up yesterday, Goody. Contemplated more on how to fix the problem of plugins trying to linked to Dynamically loadable modules. On a linux system Dynamically loadable modules and shared libraries are just about the same so it makes no difference but when these are to be ported, argh thats when you hit barrier. On mac for instance Shared libraries cannot link to dynamically loadable modules so half the plugins wont even compile as most of them link to the calender component or the mail componet which are both dynamically loadable modules.

The only way around this is to tear out the current components into two parts 1) A Dynamically loadable module 2) A shared library. Also link the dynamically loadable module against the shared library (the converse of the original case). Thus all the plugins link to the shared library and hence just work.

But ofcourse what should to the Dynamically loadable module and what should go to the shared library is still to be comprehended.

Evening was more fun especially when Harish, Partha and Srini all crowded into one cubicle as the signal there was the best. Heh, somebody totally misunderstood the meaning of a closely knit team in our case it seems literally true. Three grown up men in one small cubicle trying to make as much space for themselves.. heh its a dog eat dog world.

Reached home rather late. Mom sounded extremely bouyant mood, soon discovered that was because dad gave mom new ring with 25 diamonds :-O to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Thats so adorable, they are clearly made for each other .