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Insanity in a brew

I was just browsing through cvs and found a commit message which i had written about couple of months back. heh, this one is seriously wacky.

2005-12-22&nbsp&nbsp Shreyas Srinivasan “sshreyas@novell.com”

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp * Evolution is now Network Aware, the day of complete
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp awareness beckons, The machines are taking over…aaaaaah

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp * Network Manager support for evolution

I can write the most insane commit message and not even remember about it.

Return of the RJ

While( infinity_radio_is_playing ) {

tune_in_at_9PM( “you” );

announce (“Todays show will be hosted by Yours truly \n”);

announce (“Pre-Valentines day show \n”);

announce (“Theme: All rock no mush \n”);

announce (“Please do drop by \n”);

announce (“End lame c code \n”);


p.s: Life is what you make of it

Lateral Feedback

We live in a society of constant ridicule. I think its a reflection of not being taught constructive criticism. I am constantly pointed to by stuff like this Dummy orkut profile of VTU VC. I feel disgusted that someone took time off
to do something like that. Incredibly juvenile and crazy but the truth is there is no avenue for healthy criticism. I just visited VTU’s website and there is no clear way to tell them the things that are wrong. It seems to be rather mindless that they have a Entrepreneurship Development Cell but no way for students to take initiative and fix the issues that concern them. I am not a big fan of leftist student unions, i think they tend to deviate towards power hungry people. What we need is a way to discuss, to question and to convince.

It seems to be mark of the times i live in, that people who matter think that anyone without tufts of gray hair is not capable of constructive thought. We are forced to align our dressing sense to suit requirements without a single way to convey our line of thinking. Its imperative that someone who matters reads young minds. We are all not drug addicts, we are all not eve teasers, we are all not lame ass teen somethings who need to be told. We need creative freedom to grow and express. bah, fix that first, dont create Entrepreneur wings.

This is not a rant. I am just trying to get someone out there to read this without making his/her blood boil. I am not questioning authority, all i am asking is a way to reason with authority.

If you matter to the vtu and you dont think i am some terrorist who needs to be shot dead and you see sense in what i say, then i have a few ideas which might be useful. Mail me and i will gladly elaborate.

Yes i know the chances are bleak, but hell i would rather die typing. I have been planning to make a movie about education system in India for like ever but i dont have a dvcam and my current state does not allow me to buy one. So if some one out there can either lend me his dv cam or wants to get involved in the project itself then do let me know. I think a documentary can make a stronger statement than a blog post.

Also Christopher Blizzard has nice insights on Open Source in India.

Heh, only the creator has a handle over a doc.

You are .doc You change from year to year, just to make things tough on your competition.  Only your creator really has a handle on you.
Which File Extension are You?

*chuckle *chuckle

Dump her, she has old hardware.

he he he he he