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LCD foo

I am thinking of buying a new LCD TV. I am trying to decide between Sony Bravia KLV-32V300 and LG 32LC7R , both seem to have very good ratings on cnet. Any suggestions or input on where one beats the other?

Why India won the Sydney test by 5 wickets

Total non available runs to the scorer due to incompetence of the umpire:

Symonds: -130 (Out on 30, given not out and went on to score 160)
Ponting: -38 (Out on 17, went on to score 55)
Jaffer: -30 (Given out on 0 off a no -ball, averages 30 odd)
Dravid: -17 (Given out on 38, Averages 55)

Total: -215 runs

Subtract this from the Aussie total of 330 and you get a target of 115 runs.

And India was 115-5. So there you have it!

Oh well, if everything worked around pure logic like that. Anyway i am quite happy with how India played, much improved performance from Melbourne.