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Swaroop i do the same
freaking thing

Playing RJ

I will be playing Radio Jockey on Infinity Radio today between 9PM and 10PM (IST). Please do tune in and make my day. I have a lot of Independent Indian music to choose from so if you have any dedications or requests please do post a comment, i will make sure they are honoured.

Also please do spread the word around. We are trying to get more and more Independent arists an avenue to present their music. So all the help would be welcome. Also if you want to write articles or act RJ then Mail me and we will get you on the air or the avenue to present your skills.

I have had a rough couple of days, hopefully this will cheer me up.

Blug Meet

This post has been a long time coming, mostly delayed due to personal and professional activities which have kept me busy.

Anyway, this my take on the last Blug meet which was a special meet with Mark Shuttleworth. The meeting was a blast, Mark Shuttleworth’s speech was fascinating and very educational. Yahoo were awesome hosts, big thank you to Philip and co. We should do more meets there, that was a blast. But the question that haunted me throughtout the meet was
Was it really a BLUG meet?

Let me explain what a blug meet really means to me: The Bangalore Linux Users meet to discuss Free and Open Source in “general” and also acts as a medium where various user groups have a healthy discussion. Now this BLUG meet was totally Ubuntu and with a personality like Mark there, I think most of us would think twice before asking a tricky question, I mean i get a “OpenOffice sucks” every blug meet, do you think any of us would dare say “Ubuntu sucks” there? The meet turned out to be good marketing for Ubuntu.

I think we need to re-phrase such meets. The Blug meets should be about the BLUG not about Ubuntu or Suse or Red Hat. Such meets can be termed as spaces for interested user groups to meetup. I have no issues in people from the Blug organizing such events. Infact when Nat or Miguel get here next time, I would love for them to meet people from the BLUG but please lets not make it a BLUG meet. Thats not really what it means.

Advocacy is a standard practice in our world but lets not mix it with the BLUG.

Life is so funny sometimes

Irc has this great talent to produce the kind of humor which IM can never seem to match. I got a private message from some dude today, he is a NOSIP student apparently, the amount of frustration in his voice was astounding and very hilarious.

Here is how it went…

[13:39]- xyz: hi sorry to distb

[13:29]- xyz: r u also in evo team

[13:29]- xyz: if so from how many days

[13:30]- shres: hey

[13:30]- shres: for about an year now

[13:30]- shres: wassup ?

[13:30]- xyz: oh wow thats great

[13:30]- shres: why ?

[13:30]- xyz: but how did u manage to build evo

[13:30]- shres: hehehe

[13:31]- shres: its not that easy ?

Heh, I know building evo can be painful sometimes but the way
he stated it made me roll, funny bugger that guy

Infinity Radio

Infinity radio would resume today after a small hiatus. Please do tune in and cheer Kaustubh on from 9PM – 11PM (IST). Some good music, a new beginning and a fresh outlook on offer.

In words of Def Leppard

Do you wanna get rocked?
Let’s get, let’s get, let’s get, let’s get rocked

Evolution – Cool List

Whats cool and new in evolution you ask eh ?

  • Network Manager Support for evolution: Evolution now detects the network state. So stop worrying about those unenncesary error boxes about connections dying suddenly, evolution now goes online/ offline automagically depending on network state.
  • Swig Bindings for eds. There are initial ruby bindings for ecal api’s which can lead to very interesting stuff like Jabber calendar share.
  • Hula connector ( Groupdav )
  • Brand new evolution brainread ( work in progress )

Thats the foo for now, more foo for thought later