Life is so funny sometimes

Irc has this great talent to produce the kind of humor which IM can never seem to match. I got a private message from some dude today, he is a NOSIP student apparently, the amount of frustration in his voice was astounding and very hilarious.

Here is how it went…

[13:39]- xyz: hi sorry to distb

[13:29]- xyz: r u also in evo team

[13:29]- xyz: if so from how many days

[13:30]- shres: hey

[13:30]- shres: for about an year now

[13:30]- shres: wassup ?

[13:30]- xyz: oh wow thats great

[13:30]- shres: why ?

[13:30]- xyz: but how did u manage to build evo

[13:30]- shres: hehehe

[13:31]- shres: its not that easy ?

Heh, I know building evo can be painful sometimes but the way
he stated it made me roll, funny bugger that guy