About Me

I am mostly defined by the things i do, so let me just list that out:

1) RadioVeRVe:RadioVeRVe is an internet radio station operating out of Bangalore, India. It differentiates itself from other FM and internet radio stations by focusing exclusively on independent music from India.

It addresses the common problem that independent artistes face all over the world – mainstream radio doesn’t play their music, so reach is limited. The RadioVeRVe team decided to pool their talents together and create a one-of-its-kind venture, India’s first Internet radio station dedicated wholly to independent Indian music.

RadioVeRVe was co-founded by Gaurav and me, with massive help from Atul.

2) FOSS.IN: FOSS.IN is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) conference, held in India.

It is the successor of the FOSS conferences known as Linux Bangalore, and is one of the largest annual FOSS events in Asia. Originally designed to be a national FOSS conference for the FOSS community in India, it, over a span of five years, grew into an international conference, attracting audiences and speakers from across the world.

The event is held in Bangalore, India, in late November or early December every year since 2001.

I am one of the organizers of FOSS.IN!

3) Evolution, Gnome, Clutter: Some of the various Open Sources projects i have made contributions to, Some of the contributions are very trivial (Eg: Clutter) but i am still a fan of the project so it deserves a mention. I also maintain the Groupdav connector for Evolution.

4) I have at various times in my life dabbled with Cricket, Long distance running, Poetry and Theater. Nothing to write home about in any of them unfortunately (oh, i did complete a half marathon once!)