Playing RJ

I will be playing Radio Jockey on Infinity Radio today between 9PM and 10PM (IST). Please do tune in and make my day. I have a lot of Independent Indian music to choose from so if you have any dedications or requests please do post a comment, i will make sure they are honoured.

Also please do spread the word around. We are trying to get more and more Independent arists an avenue to present their music. So all the help would be welcome. Also if you want to write articles or act RJ then Mail me and we will get you on the air or the avenue to present your skills.

I have had a rough couple of days, hopefully this will cheer me up.

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#1 Surjo on 01.31.06 at 3:35 pm

Unfortunately, I go to bed by 9 pm during the weekdays. It is only during the weekends, that I stay up late either watching a movie at a cinema or on the telly. If nothing interesting is playing at the cinema or the telly, I watch a DVD on my home PC. Anyway, I hope you had fun. I am not much of a radio listener myself.