Tiny little things which make you happy

I have had a pretty beaten down week. Been feeling listless for a long time now, so i had almost come to the end of what was an other inconsequential day when Martin Kretzschmar pointed me to this article Ubuntu Desktop Review which got SlashDotted. In the article there is one small line which caught my attention, it read

“I am so glad the UI team came to their senses and replaced the zoom ‘button’ with the zoom drop down box.? It’s a good idea. It’s there in Writer at least.”

Now what the writer did not realise is that it was not the UI team which wrote that patch but me and Martin, infact that patch is not even there in the upstream build but most of the linux distro’s ship it. Just those couple of lines made my day. I wrote that feature about a year ago, its about 600 lines of code and just to see somebody liked it makes me get up early and write more code.