Another post on the first day, you havent read this perspective.. trust me !

I woke up at 7 and that meant i had got a full 2:30 mins of sleep. It was the highest among all the guys there i think, we had been up through most of the night setting up stuff and moving boxes.

The morning was chaotic as usual lots of running around and calling electrician, the mason, the barber and who not ! Ok i lied about the barber, real hackers are bearded anyway 😀

We were off the schedule which pissed me off a bit since i made up most of the schedule with Atul but i guess as Mr.Chitnis pointed out we are not perfect, oh boy we are a long way off.

I sat till the start of Alan’s talk and then had to run off to fix up the recording stuff in the halls. The recording today was a grand goof-up people kept switching off machines in the hall irrespective of them being marked “Toxic: Will corrupt your children”.
Most of the day i was running around inspecting halls, as a result of that i did not attend any of the talks, I really wanted to attend Danese’s talk and Zaheda Bhorat’s talk but couldn’t as i had to run around constantly.

I have come to know quite a few people over the last couple of days and i have developed an immense respect for all of them. Kausthub, Shyam, Devdas, Vasundhar, Vinayak, Arun Raghavan, Seemant, Partha and a few others i cant remember due to acute shortage of sleep are the stars of this event, you guys made happen, Great work. Keep it up for the next three days.

Ok, i am off to some well deserved sleep. Its a relief that everything worked out ok. Goodnight, hoping tomm brings more hackdom.

p.s: All of you repeat after me “I will schedule more bofs tomm!”