Code Monkey for real?

A common subject of discussion at the various Indian conferences is, how vast majority of Indian Software Programmers code for a good living v/s coding for fun and how this affects the kind of innovation which comes out of India. As much as this sounds like a plausible explanation, I have over time come to believe that it is not essential to be in love with something to be good at it. What is more important is competitiveness, If you are one of those people who hates losing then you will never be bad or dispassionate at anything!

That puts a different perspective to the hallway discussions, Are most afore mentioned people “happy go lucky” people v/s dispassionate code monkeys?

The song “Code Monkey” says it all.



#1 t3rmin4t0r on 12.22.07 at 5:29 pm

I like the WoW rendering better

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