Progress not pride

Most of the people reading this blog feel great passion for their work. In that context we are probably different from most of the world. From what i have experienced most of the world treats work as a way to aid *real* life. While this is completely acceptable, there are certain advantages to being passionate about work and life in general.


  • Purpose: Waking up with a list of things which need to be completed. Not drifting is a huge plus in life
  • Pride: We take great pride in what we do, we wear it on our sleeves. I work on X, i maintain Y and i contribute to Z.
  • Identity: People who love what they do always have an Identity of their own.

Having said that, We also need to be aware of its disadvantages. To be successful we need to fight these. I will just enumerate one, cant think of too many others.

Pride: Wait a minute? Wasnt this an advantage? No its not. We are all so involved in what we do, the big picture somehow becomes obscure. We loose track of the objective and become involved with the effort. This is a continuous annoyance and requires great awareness to avoid.

The purpose of any task is to reach the objective we set out to achieve and the effort involved is pointless if that objective cant be achieved and we need to continously remind ourselves of that fact.

Pride gets in the way of progress. Its not about the effort, its about the objective!


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