Joining Purism

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve joined Purism. It’s awesome to be working for a company that not only cares about software freedom, but also has Ethical Design as a core principle. My role there is UI/UX designer on the Librem 5, a phone built from the ground up to run free software and GNU/Linux.

As a past user of first Firefox OS and then Ubuntu Touch, I couldn’t be more excited about this. Unlike these previous failed efforts, the Librem 5 is focused on freedom and privacy, because it’s made by people who share that philosophy. It’s using PureOS (a full GNU/Linux distro based on Debian), instead of a completely different technology stack with Android drivers (like Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch did). To make things even sweeter, the UI will be GTK-based, and we’re using upstream GNOME apps (which we’re adapting with a responsive layout). We’ll also be working on new applications for the phone, such as Calls and Messages, which will work on the desktop as well. We want as much of this work as possible to go upstream, so it can benefit all GNOME users.

It’s still early days, but some of the work around apps should become more concrete in the coming weeks, so expect phone-related discussions in #gnome-design. Let’s make a killer GNOME phone!

5 thoughts on “Joining Purism”

  1. This is fantastic news. Congratulations!

    I was worried that Purism would try to go it alone as just a downstream consumer of Gnome; and upstream Gnome wouldn’t engage with design for phones. Clearly that isn’t happening, and we *can* have nice things!

  2. Nice for you that you will help them in adapting gnome to mobile.
    But since Gtk/Gnome is default it’s a bit of a backstap for Qt based desktops like plasma mobile.
    Also it’s a reinventing the wheel to choose Gtk as Qt is more advanced in this area and wider used.
    It surely doesn’t helper other Linux based mobile systems to use another toolkit.

  3. Congratulations!
    Tobias Bernard and Adrien Plazas two great names joining Purism GTK+ phone Libre 5.

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