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3 years of Foresight

Wow time flies… I just renewed the foresightlinux.{org,com,net} domains, which reminded me it has been 3 years since the first release of Foresight. My baby is growing up

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So close

Macbook Air vs. Commodore 64, amazing the Macbook Air wins

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Keeping tabs on the GNOME Developer Kit

I finally got around to setting up a commit mail list for the GNOME Developer Kit. If you want to keep an eye on what is going on, check it out. You can of course subscribe, or just follow the … Continue reading

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n810… trouble getting my discount

So I finally got notification that I could get my n810 in the US… yay! Rushed over to the site they sent me to just to find out them rejecting my discount code. The error I get is “there is … Continue reading

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February will be a busy month, first SCALE in Los Angeles and later in the month FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels. There are a couple of *don’t miss* talks on the packaging track at FOSDEM this year: Conary Packaging: Simply Powerful … Continue reading

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Year of the Linux Desktop

It is 2008, time for predictions/wishes/etc. Every year people predict “This will be the year of Linux on the Desktop” and later people make jokes about it. The thing is, people assume that declaring it the year for Linux on … Continue reading

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GNOME Booth at SCALE, help needed!

We have been on the hunt for a volunteer to head up a GNOME booth at the Southern California Linux Expo in February, but no luck yet, which is very disappointing. I would really hate for GNOME to miss the … Continue reading

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GNOME Developer Kit, now with it’s own anaconda theme

I found some time today (while taking a break from the excitement at Disneyland) to update the anaconda images for the installable iso. I leaned toward the GNOME Love artwork, I just love that heart

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GNOME Developer Kit feedback/bug reports

I am heading out of town for a family vacation, and will be mostly away from the computer. We have setup the gnome-live product in bugzilla, so please use that to provide feedback, request packages, and of course file bugs. … Continue reading

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GNOME Developer Kit

Want to improve the coolest project on the planet? Too hard to build all of GNOME from source, just to use the latest development code? We are delighted to introduce the GNOME Developer Kit, with daily builds of GNOME. It … Continue reading

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