MLTR in India

Argh, so after concerts by Sting, Mark Knopler, Deep Purple, Roger Walters and Joe Satriani we have *stark appluase* MLTR *end stark appluase*. What a creepy band following all those great ones. To make matters worse i think a lot of my friends want to go too *argh “someday somewhere i will kill MLTR”.

Spent most of the day debugging why the mono plugin hangs evolution. Creepy stack traces and strace’s (ktrace and kdump) did not help. This mono plugin of evo is a mine feild. Talked with NotZed about the best solution to provide camel as a friendly developer library. Right now the camel is a bit grumpy and bumpy.

Off to meet Shilpa in the evening, good to catch up with her. Went for snacks and read bits of some Bulgarian cook book. Girls read the most darn things. Home for dinner and read bits of

Curious incidents of dog in the night time
, not a bad read.

Bed early for once..