It seems the Tiger never liked the Panther

I was just about testing my evolution build on 10.3* when i discovered that it does not run! wow, imagine my displeasure to be told that binaries built on 10.4 wont work on 10.3.

The problem seem to be the usage of statvfs in evolution/lib-eutil which was missing in the libc.dylib of 10.3. So, i pondered over it for some time and finally decided that i should remove the symbol reference from evolution and default to using statfs which is wrapped by statvfs anyway. So turned off a few checks in the configure to make e-d-s and evolution use statfs always and now the binaries work with 10.3. I am a happy camper 😀

So, most of the things due for release are complete. I need to get a couple of people to test it and then release it in the next couple of days.