There she goes …

So after bouts of head banging, hair pulling and general maniacal behavior, I finally released Evolution-2.4 for MAC OS X.
Still a few issues, but i will learn with time.

Increasingly convinced that i should move from the current anal binary release format to distributing through Fink. That would make my job so much more easier and also save people a lot of bandwidth.

Decent weekend, Met up with Atul and Gopal on sunday to get some work done on Planet The basics of the planet are up and working, but we need some good css hackers. If you think you can help us then mail me or drop into and ping me.

Interesting conversation with Neeti and Jessi in the afternoon on how to get Gnome Bangalore in a better shape. Some really honest opinions which bode well for the future.

Thought it would be fun to list the new joinee’s to Planet, and what little i know of them.

  • Aivalli: Major linux enthusiast and supposedly a big fan of Kalyan Verma Alluri. Well, who isn’t you ask eh ?
  • Jayanth: OOo hacker and poto g33k
  • Hariharan: dont know too much abt this dude except for the snazzy *autofs* nick, somebody enlighten me here.

Also if you haven’t signed up to speak yet, then boy you are missing the chance of your life. I think i am going to speak on “Hackers and chicks”, this is successor to Philip’s “how to be a geek” talk. btw the call for participation is here CFP

Enough babble for the day…. So long folks and apparently thanks for all the phish.

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#1 Bharat on 09.28.05 at 12:29 pm

I think i am going to speak on “Hackers and chicks”

Heh, some hachikonomics 🙂 ?

And Hariharan hangs out at BLUG meetings FYI. Get enlightened from the autofs himself next meeting.