Makefile niceness

So, I finally got around to fixing Evolution’s portability issue, now each of evolution components are split into a complib and a provlib so that all the plugins can link to the privlib rather than the complib. Linking to the complib does not work on Mac ( because complib have a tag Link = no ) which is strictly enforced on the MAc.

Anyway one strange thing was the complib linked to the privlib, so the privlib had to be built first so i added a
[component library]&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp[priv library]

amazingly that did not work, still got built first, quite weird. So i added a dependency line

libevolution_mail_component_la_DEPENDENCIES =

and that worked, does anybody know why the first one wont/ didn’t work ?

In other news started reading, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, looks promising.

Phenom are playing today at 6, IISC. Come along if you like good music. Dont forget to shout “Mrinal we love you” at regular intervals. The dude performs well when he is loved by the audience, heh

p.s: No, I wont be shouting but you should !

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#1 Philip on 10.01.05 at 12:25 am

If you’re using Automake, then the
line may be getting overwritten when generating