I did not do anything useful today. Just lazed all day procrastonating on the things to do, overwhelmed by the backlog but proceeded to waste the remaining time anyway.

Moral: Dont procrastinate, do what needs to be done.


#1 Tejas Dinkar on 10.06.05 at 12:28 am

Haa Haa Haa!

I skipped the last two classes of college today hoping to go home and study.

The Result, I fell asleep for 7 hours, and still haven’t started studying for my 1st internals, which start day after tomorrow

I’m screwed, looks like

#2 Shreyas Srinivasan on 10.06.05 at 4:30 am

heh, You will understand the insignificance of internals by the time you get to 4th sem. Internals are to be studied for a day before and not a min before that. Hindsight is a awesome thing, come to think of it, I studied a lot for my first internals too. Best of luck