Can you add my blog feed ?

All requests to add feeds to the planet will be cc’ed to the list from now on. Please dont send me private mails it wont work.

Also when you write a mail, please mention your role in the event and also your contributions for the event.

It is not necessary to make direct contributions to the event to get on the planet. Well wishers and advocators of the event are most welcome to join the Planet. Please state your indulgence with the event when you mail the list.

I would look at the following qualities for the event.

  • Contribution in terms of ideas, hard work or moral support
  • Participation in the event either as speaker or some such event related activity
  • Support for the event either in terms of helping organizing it or motivating others to organize it.

I am open to other qualities which will be considered on a per case basis.

And please remember,

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance.” ~Saul Bellow