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Development isos available

I am always getting asked for Foresight install isos with all the development tools and headers included.  I usually just quickly create one off isos for those people using rBuilder.  I have now added those development isos to my list … Continue reading

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Packaging classes coming soon!

Want to learn to package software?  We are planning to start a series of IRC based training sessions on the basics of packaging with conary.  We will begin with the basics, covering just creating local packages and building them locally … Continue reading

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Proud of my little girl

Ashlyn, my 5 soon to be 6 year old, just did a very good deed.  She hasn’t had a hair cut in over 2 years, saving up to donate her hair.  I am so proud of her, she made the … Continue reading

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Foresight Linux, Distro of the year!

Ars Technica awarded Foresight distro of the year alongside openSUSE.  Obviously I am very excited and proud that Foresight was recognized, but I have to send a big congrats out to the openSUSE guys too.  They have done some great … Continue reading

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Ars Technica review of rBuilder

Ars Technica just posted a review of rBuilder, check it out.

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Submission deadline for 2.5

Now that we have all had a few days to digest this, lets get down to business. I have created a wiki page outlining the process and listing the objectives for 2.5 in a table of FITS issues. Road map … Continue reading

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We want you!

Foresight Linux release planning The road to Foresight 2.5 includes you!  Historically we have not provided the level of transparency needed to enable more people to participate in Foresight’s core development.  I am very excited about the packagers that have … Continue reading

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LSB 4.0 Beta, powered by rPath

Today the Linux Foundation announced the first beta release of the LSB 4.0 Sample Implementation.  This is a very exciting release, in the past the SI has always been based on linux from scratch, for 4.0 the SI is now … Continue reading

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After some delays… sorry everyone, the GNOME 2.24 Live demos are available. Come and get them at

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Appliance creation made easy

After my post the other about the recent addition of the ubuntu platform in rBuilder Online, I had a bunch of inquires asking “What is this appliance creator thing?”  Let me start out by explaining that Appliance Creator isn’t actually … Continue reading

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