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Client attempts to deal with stacking order considered harmful

I was asked on IRC to explain why it is that programs mostly cannot raise their own windows. The mechanism: gtk_window_show() indirectly calls XRaiseWindow. This causes a ConfigureRequest X event. Metacity will only honour this if: the window belongs to the active application (but if there is no active application, any application can raise its […]

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This is not the Metacity home page. There is no Metacity home page. This is for the same reason there is no flashy logo: Metacity strives to be quiet, small, stable, get on with its job, and stay out of your attention. But this is a place where you can find out about Metacity. The […]

Ask us

Someone asked on IRC whether there had been a Metacity blog post about a certain thing they were interested in. There hadn’t been, but they were interested in seeing one, and I wondered what else people would like to see. So, ask us some questions (presumably questions about Metacity; if you want to know the […]

Some compositor issues

So, now that the compositor is in trunk and everyone is excited, this might be a good time to mention some “issues”. Firstly, it seems that there are some weird shadow redrawing problems…these just appeared recently, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the offending commit. I think I know what it is, I just […]

2.21.5 is out, with the compositor

Thanks to Iain Holmes and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. This is the first unstable release to contain the new compositor; please try it out and let us know how it goes for you. Downstream maintainers should note that its GConf key is initially turned off in src/ and consider whether to turn […]

Compositor on trunk

Iain’s compositor is now on trunk since it now meets every requirement I wrote about here. It looks gorgeous. It will be in the next unstable release, which will happen before the weekend. Do not use bucket-o-bling any more; it is a dead branch. Work will continue on trunk. This closes GNOME bug 499081. All […]

When Iain’s compositor will be merged

Someone asked about this and I was going to tell them, but then I thought I’d say it here. I will merge Iain’s compositor branch when: there are no known large memory leaks security holes crashes it can be turned off entirely from ./configure and GConf when it is turned off in GConf or ./configure, […]

2007-12-11: just a quick roundup

A quick overview of where the action’s at in Metacity today. Not even a picture of a pub. As ever, dive in and discuss where you like, here or on bugzilla or on your own blog: we thrive on audience participation and we love to hear from you . GNOME bug 502644: a lot of people […]

2007-12-09: at last the 1948 show

The Metacity Journal bounds back to your screens! It’s been a busy couple of days; I think we’re about due an unstable release. Here’s a quick roundup of life around these parts: Actual fixes : GNOME bug 474889 LONG KEY IS LONG: There is a particular GConf key which contained a small novel in the long […]

Thoughts about a standard new feature policy

Havoc linked today in a discussion on bugzilla to a document he wrote three years ago about what features maintainers should consider adding to mature software. The central thesis is “ask ‘why’, rather than ‘why not’”. If we’re to have stability we can’t add features for the hell of it. I wonder whether we could […]