Väldig bra (-:


It was a pleasure to meet up with people and cats from the GNOME and FOSS community again. This time things took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Good food, fun conversations, awesome pear cider and too much cheap candy. Most of FSCONS also went by with either staying around the GNOME booth or holding talks.

Thanks to Tobias we had a humungous amount of swag and sass for the GNOME booth. That event box and that box of t-shirts is heavy duty. I can easily imagine what trouble he must have had, bringing that all the way to FSCONS! With the booth set up and everything we quickly had GNOME 3.14 running for the curious folk to try. Most of my time at the booth was spent either showing off some of GNOME’s awesome features or talking about GNOME as a community.

11-04-gnome-boothSource: mozlib

FSCONS was also a great opportunity to meet other GNOMEers. I had a chat with both Jonas and Mathias who contribute to the Maps project. Sounded like there was some awesome things coming in the future and I might be contributing with some interaction design there too. It was also great to meet Andreas, Fabiana, Mimi and Zeeshan whom I stayed with during the conference.


Sometime during Saturday a person came over to me and asked me for an interview. It was Kenneth and I found out he was from “Hacker Public Radio”. So I spent 20 minutes answering questions related to a lighting talk I did about my student life as a linux user and the promotional videos I create. If you want to hear it, you might have to wait a month or two, though..


Oh yes, and I did a workshop. One of the long ones. Sadly there was quite some turbulence in the FSCONS schedule during Sunday due to some very long lighting talks. After a bit of moving around I managed to get through it with an audience and everything, though. The workshop was about promotional videos. I focused on how you create them practically – the whole pipeline, what software you need to learn and why they can be important for your favorite free software project. Everything from this workshop is available online. The materials I have prepared include:

  • The slides themselves, explaining the process.
  • A set of video tutorials which covers the basics, if you want to create promotional videos the way I do.

You can download everything right here. It is also very likely that I will be holding this workshop again.

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