November is Bugsquash month – Open Source Aalborg is joining

From the initiative page:
For a month, we focus on bug triaging to get our bug tracker in a better shape. Maintainers then get a clearer picture of the state of their module, users have a better chance to see their issues resolved, and software quality improves as a consequence.


Me and my friend Daniel from Open Source Aalborg will arrange that the local participants from the open source group in Aalborg will join in on the final bug squashing day, November the 30th. OS Aalborg has recently joined a lot of Capture the flag’s and I think we will try to put up some very basic infrastructure (read google forms + spreadsheet) to do something similar for the GNOME Bug Squashing initiative.

Open Source Aalborg busy working on open source projects at the Hal9k hackerspace. Maybe we will livestream?

Apart from the many individuals idling in #bugs on GNOME IRC, there are currently also three open source groups participating in the squashing: San Fransisco on Nov 17th, Strasbourg on Nov 26th and Aalborg on the 30th.

We are talking in #engagement on GNOME IRC about creating “virtual teams” and make a fun competition around the initative. I think it’ll have a motivating effect to have something “capture the flag” -like for the local participants and in the end it’s for a better purpose. :-)

Check out the initiative here and read the triage guide if you want to join in!

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