The Developer Center Initiative – Call for Participants

Hi everyone,

The Developer Center Initiative had a call after the GUADEC BoF. We had 13 participants which I think is a great start. We need the manpower too!

I’m going to summarize our call meeting in a blog post soon, but first I want to introduce the people and their interests. Note: this list is so far only consisting of people who participated in the call. You can sign up below!

Call Participants


People interested in developing the Developer Center and technology surrounding it:

  • Philip is the GJS maintainer and has previously had test beds for GJS API References up and running.
  • Evan who has developed the GJS API Reference as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
  • Michael has developed previous Developer Portals in Ubuntu and has set up our Django repository.
  • Patrick is involved with GNOME Builder and is interested in improving tooling for our developers.

Writing Documentation

People interested in writing or maintaining documentation in the Developer Center:

  • Bastian Ilso (me) maintains the GNOME Newcomer Guide with Carlos and I am interested in writing tutorials for developers and making video tutorials.
  • Patrick is interested in writing documentation and has lots of inside-knowledge on fx GNOME Builder.
  • Sriram who has previous experience in technical writing.
  • Allan maintains the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and plans continue doing so.
  • Antonio expressed interest in writing tutorials and possibly translating them later on

Documentation Team Key Contacts

People from the Documentation Team who has expressed interest in advising the initiative:

  • Petr is head of the Documentation Team for Users and Sysadmin and has knowledge to share related to structuring and managing documentation.
  • Shaun has stayed with the Documentation Team for a long time and has been involved in past efforts on the developer documentation.

Tobias, Adrien and Heather from Purism were also present in the call and they expressed interest in investigating possibilities for sharing documentation with GNOME in the future if there are places where it makes sense. I think it’s a great idea!

Call for Participation

Working on Developer Docs requires people with many different skillsets. Are you interested in helping out writing the new developer tutorials or updating the existing ones? Maybe helping with the Developer Center website? If you are interested in this effort, sign up by commenting on this Gitlab issue.

I’ll be back in a soon with a meeting summary and the announcement of the next Developer Center call. See you!

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