some things


My Sister Loreto is in Chile for this month, is been a long time since her last visit. She was totally surprised to see the new things that are building in our City of Santiago, new Metro lines, some new highways, etc, and well some new streets are totally unrecognizable, like the “Paradero 14” of Vicuña Mackenna, she was astonished when she saw the park in which we played when we were children’s transformed into the Metro station of Quilín, that’s sad, but you know, is the price that we need to pay for the progress…


drink what?!


The last friday i went with my dad to do some stuffs and we leaved our car next to the Metro station of Ñuble, when we come back to the station to pickup the car, guess what… the car wasn’t there. We walk across the street to watch it, maybe we park it in other place, but no, the car was stoled. yeah we did all the denounces and all that, so right now we can only wait for news about it, hope they will be good.


Everything can’t be bad, I’ve found a new job, for now i can’t talk too much about it, but, is a really good place to work.