Today i finally saw the Episode III The Revenge of the Sith, is really amazing i love it, the lightsaber fights were awesome!, when i saw the first and the second episode i liked more the sith’s, however this episode changed my opinion, Obi-Wan Kenobi is far the most great lightsaber fighter, sadly they gonna get killed on the four episode… god damn Darth Vader. By the way i found this cool game on the net.

I won to Vader, who is now the most powerful ah?!

Hey you… SHUT UP!

The last thursday i travel to Chillán to assist the next day to the “Primer Ciclo de Charlas GNU/Linux” that the Virginio Gomez Institute organized, everything was pretty amazing and the guys from the organization were very kind with us they even organized a roasted with a lot of meat and of course they didn’t lack the famous “longanizas de chillán”.

some attenders with his new ubuntu cds.

I guess is really boring travel in the winter to the south of Chile and not see any rain, for my lucky in the afternoon happened what i was hopping, a cool and hard rain, later in the day went with Fernando and Juan Carlos to the train station to get our tickets, they were going to Talca and I to Santiago, so in order to spend the time we went to a restaurant next to the terminal, we were doing hour until the 12:30 am, then we went again to the train station to wait by our train that arrived around the 2:00 am.

the train

The train entering the Chillán station

The only disagreeable thing of the trip was an old man snoring as if it was in his house, at some moments gave me desire to throw to him some ball of paper, kick his nuts or something, the yerk snore almost the 5 hours of the travel… and then when we got Santiago the train steward wake up him and the stupid even snored wide-awake!, I never saw something like that before… anyways, he had luck to remain more time on the train, or i would have invented something to take revenge when he lowered of the wagon.

Gnome Women

Hanna has started the GNOME Women project, if i remind correctly in our past GNOME Meeting in Concepción, there was a couple of girls who are very interested on the GNOME Development and one of them was the fastest for finishing the exercises that i gave to the group in my GTK+ tutorial, so come on girls join Hanna!

Hey Basilio, can i take you a picture?

The past friday, i travel to Concepción, we get there at 6:30 am, then went to DuocUC. Almost at 10:00 am we start the reunion, there was a lot of people like 40-50, the talks was really great but we had to move the practical sessions to the afternoon because the computers didn’t have installed the packages that we required for doing it.

Basilio with hungry face, he was my model during the weekend.

After lunch, Alejandro gave his tutorial about Docbook. Then i gave my GTK+ tutorial, the classroom was full, i even saw some attendees sat on the floor, in some way, that make me really happy, because it let me know that we are doing the things in the right way.

Basilio, Alejandro and Fabian waiting for his gyros.

At night we went to Andres’s House to have a dinner and saw the futbol match ‘Chile v/s Bolivia’, Chile won 3-1. I went to sleep very early, because i was really tired. On Sunday, we ride to the bus terminal, sadly, I had tickets for the “Camilo Henriquez” terminal and the guys for “Collao”, so i had to wait my bus from the 13:00 to 16:00 hrs alone in the station. I got Santiago at 23:30 hrs and my parents were waiting for me on the terminal, yup i’m a lucky dude.