Announcing the Next Ubuntu Bug Day! November 18th 2010

Fellow Ubuntu Triagers!

This week’s Bug Day target is *drum roll please* GNOME Power Manager!
* 50 New bugs need a hug
* 50 Incomplete bugs need a status check
* 50 Confirmed bugs need a review

Bookmark it, add it to your calendars, turn over those egg-timers!
* November 18th 2010

Are you looking for a way to start giving some love back to your
adorable Ubuntu Project?
Did you ever wonder what Triage is? Want to learn about that?
This is a perfect time!, Everybody can help in a Bug Day!
open your IRC Client and go to #ubuntu-bugs (FreeNode) the BugSquad will
be happy to help you to start contributing!

Wanna be famous? Is easy! remember to use 5-A-day so if you do a good
work your name could be listed at the top 5-A-Day Contributors in the
Ubuntu Hall of Fame page!

We are always looking for new tasks or ideas for the Bug Days, if you
have one add it to the Planning page

If you’re new to all this, head to

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