Claudio I’ve received the same SPAM from GNUCHILE a couple of days ago, mail in question is available here , if you look to the link at the bottom of it there’s something like “Si desea bloquear su correo para no recibir avisos de ningun tipo, haga click aqui” (If you want to block your email address in order to not receive any news, click here), I was looking to the page and there’s no way to “unsubscribe” your email from that “list” and well i didn’t even subscribe to it in the first place. I have to say that I’m really really disappointed on how the GNUCHILE guys are working, they don’t seem to understand anything. Anyways, can you please stop doing this kind of things? And please unsubscribe me of the cute list of emails to be spammed, kthxbye.

Update: Oscar Valenzuela (Director of GNUCHILE) blogged about it here. They still don’t get it.