What a good week!

Just came back from my vacation week, i spent a great time in the south of Chile, like i said in my previous post, i went to Valdivia, where i have the possibility of meet nice people like a Scotland guy Kenny Macdonald with him i visited lots of places there, well Kenny doesn’t speak like anything of Spanish so i was his translator for the days i spent down there.

papas rellenas

A Papa Rellena and half a beer

I’ve visited a couple of forts, the fort of Niebla and the one located at Corral, quite good experience, I’ve also went to the “Feria Costumbrista” where you can eat some dishes from the town, like Papas Rellenas, Anticuchos, and so on.


Kenny the Anticuchos monster!

In Corral i saw a very awesome representation of a battle for the fort between Spanish guys and Chileans, the representation is made by guys from Corral and is one of those things that everyone that goes to Valdivia want to see.

fort battle

The battle!

I’m gonna try to put all the photos i can in my flickr account. And for those who knows… my new year is getting better and better 😉