Here we go again

The Saturday 6 of August we are going to hold the third GNOME Meeting of this year in the dependencies of the “Universidad de las Americas” located in Republica 71, Santiago. If you want to learn about GNOME developing, documentation, translation, etc, come on and join us!

It has been decided to change the name of the meeting from RFHG to RFDG due to the “bad press”. I don’t know if is a good change, when the journalists interviewed us, we clarified the doubts they had about the meeting and especially about the “Hacker” terminology that they tend to confuse, of course we took advantage of the instance to promote GNOME and the Meeting, so we had something that people called “bad press”, but I guess it was “press anyways”. The new name isn’t really hot, but I hope that after the meeting we have a new fresh and hottest name.

we want some of that

The European Parliament has throw out the software patents, this is really cool and is an issue that in Latin America we should care about. I hope that the Chilean politicians worry about these kinds of things instead of fighting each
other. For sure the recent visit of Lawrence Lessig , will help a lot in this aspect.

andres doing what he do best

cuanto vale el show antiguo

Today i got a really cool visit, juan carlos said me on the msn this:

<jci> Hey pedro!, wake up!

<jci> basilio is on santiago!
<jci> come on and join us for a beer!
<pedro> hey! so… as far you know is raining on the city
<pedro> come to my house dude, we can share something in here!

so basilio and jci are on my house right now, and basilio reminds me about something that the last weekend i talked with javiera, andres’s girlfriend, an old woman whose name is yolanda montecinos :-).

she rocks a lot in the 90’s