Here we go again

The Saturday 6 of August we are going to hold the third GNOME Meeting of this year in the dependencies of the “Universidad de las Americas” located in Republica 71, Santiago. If you want to learn about GNOME developing, documentation, translation, etc, come on and join us!

It has been decided to change the name of the meeting from RFHG to RFDG due to the “bad press”. I don’t know if is a good change, when the journalists interviewed us, we clarified the doubts they had about the meeting and especially about the “Hacker” terminology that they tend to confuse, of course we took advantage of the instance to promote GNOME and the Meeting, so we had something that people called “bad press”, but I guess it was “press anyways”. The new name isn’t really hot, but I hope that after the meeting we have a new fresh and hottest name.

3 thoughts on “Here we go again”

  1. i think you should keep the word “Hacker” in the name. Hacker is our term and the term who describe what we are doing -> writing great software and building great things.

    We shouldn’t leave the term to people who misusing it. We should “fight” for our term which is defined by the roots of our community. If such an event can advertise GNOME and correct the understanding of the term “Hacker” than this is just great.

    I see it like Georg Greve (president of the Free Software Foundation Europe): “This is our term and we want it back!”

    Don’t let other people hijack our proud term “Hacker” use it and promote it the right way.

  2. Hey,

    pinky, well that exactly what i want to do, promote the term in the right way, I’m going to propose it in the meeting, thanks for your support and comment !

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