The past Saturday we held our GNOME Meeting in Santiago, everything was quite good and entertained, there was a bunch of attenders, people were friendly and happy, for me was quite pleasant to be able to share with some old friends, like Fabian and his kindly girlfriend Andrea (guys you owe me a box of tomatoes!), and I had the opportunity to met some nice people that I only knew through the Internet. Thanks again UDLA!

Some attenders

Sadly we had to start like an hour late, because the guy who made the contact with the university woke up late…, dude PLEASE buy a good alarm clock or two.

The Rocket!”

After the reunion we went to a bar called ShopDog, the one located in Providencia, we had a nice talk, ate some “Empanadas” and drank the cool beer, i had to leave the bar early, because my brother and his family was in the city and I wanted to share with him, so we went to buy some food for the dinner and had a pleasant family dinner in my home.

4 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. I owe you a tomato con cascara and a hairy sopaipilla made by an old woman above the Mapocho with band-aids on his fingers.

  2. oh god i cannot wait for it!, maybe we can mix all that with a “completo de 100” and then use it for some protest, molotovs? naaah! use cheap-bandy-hairy food!

  3. Hey Claudio!

    hope you’re ok and enjoying Germany! we missed you a lot in the reunion, please take care of yourself dude!

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