meetings here and there

Everything is going great for celebrate the next GNOME Meeting (or RFDG like some people want to call) in Santiago, The Universidad Central has offered to be the host, thanks guys you are awesome. So if you want to present your application, to talk about something that you feel would be interesting, learn about GNOME development or just share with us, come to the reunion, I guess we are going to have free sopaipillas or something like that.

cowardly friends

cowardly friends…

I really hope to see this time some lazy people that doesn’t like to travel to Santiago :-). My friend Diego told me that we can organize something in his Institute, where the last year we held the Third Meeting, and Fabian (which still doesn’t give me the tomatoes) have some news from the Universidad de Concepción, so we have like two meetings to confirm, yay!.

Oh yeah and I can’t read my email, the mail server is damaged (again), the web interface doesn’t work and the IMAP is closed…

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