Hipo "It’s Right Under Your Nose" 0.4

I’m happy to announce to you another release of Hipo, What’s new?

  • Fixed sorting method and remove unnecessary code.
  • Use new intltool syntax.
  • Remove ‘Application’ category because is not valid in the freedesktop specification.
  • Make sure at least one track is selected when showing the popup menu. Fixed #412792 (Benoit Garret)
  • Set the checkout of the taglib-sharp as a svn external property.
  • Add device properties to the menu.
  • Add support for m4a files. Fixed #409097
  • Add metadata edit in the tracks view. Closes #408808 (Benoit Garret)
  • Add shadows around the playlist view and the tracks view. Closes #408806 (Benoit Garret)
  • Update list of tracks when a change is made in the properties window. Fixed #407720 (Benoit Garret)
  • Add recursive import Closes #402515. (Felipe Barros)
  • Fixed percentage calculation Closes #402536, Fixed #402940. (Felipe Barros)


Gil Forcada (ca), David Lodge (en_GB), Felipe Barros (es), Ilkka Tuohela (fi), Vincenzo Barranco (it), Reinout van Schouwen (nl), Tomasz Dominikowski (pl),
Jose Ricardo Anacleto Cardozo (pt_BR), Daniel Nylander (sv).




Big thanks to all the contributors!