Arica, Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Arica for giving a couple of talks in the Encuentro Linux which this year is held at the University of Tarapaca, this will be my first time in the city and I really hope to have the time for going to the Morro and enjoy the cool beach that I’ve only seen trough photos and TV.

Tomorrow also is the football match between Argentina and Chile, since the match is in Buenos Aires i can only see it trough the TV like most of Chileans will do it, I know that Fernando and Felipe are football fans too and they’ll see the match, so please guys if you read this… save a seat for me!

Vamos Chile!

Hipo “Tortas Curicanas” 0.5

I’m happy to announce to you another release of Hipo, What’s new?

  • Implement drag and drop from/to nautilus. #419723.
  • Use ImportDialog instead of ProgressDialog for the love of translators. #426245 (Felipe Barros).
  • Update files for working with new taglib-sharp.
  • Bump libipod-cil dependency to 0.6.3. #433047.
  • Correct audio properties methods.
  • Drag and drop from track list to your desktop. #434396.
  • Use ellipsize mode in the tracks color.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts. #452474 (Benoit Garret).
  • Fixed some string issues. (Andre Klapper).
  • Make the playlist name editable. #440436 (Benoit Garret).
  • Fixed ipod capacity bar for ipod’s with less than 1GB of capacity.#478826 (Felipe Barros).
  • Use casting instead of System.double. #479722 (Benoit Garret).
  • Fixed translations issues. #475574 (Andre Klapper).


Andre Klapper (de), Gil Forcada (ca), Daniel Nylander (sv), Ilkka Tuohela (fi),Raivis Dejus (li), Artur Flinta (pl), Pema Geyleg (dz), Jorge Gonzalez (es),Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle (pt_BR), David Lodge (en_GB), Djihed Afifi (ar),Claude Paroz (fr), Vincent van Adrighem (nl), Alessio Frusciante (it).


Big thanks to all the contributors!

Tiki tiki tí

Today I went with my parents to Pomaire (spanish article) a town located at the west of Santiago, last time i visited Pomaire I was like 13 years old and i have a really good memories of it, like playing around with my sister Loreto and try out the famous empanada of 1.5kg (you can only eat one), at that time the town was like just one main street and a couple of stores and restaurants, but now it’s completely different there’s a bunch of places where you can eat and a lot of stores where you can find the most awesome pieces of clay handcraft. Today the town was really crowded because during these days we are celebrating our national holidays so everyone is looking where to eat some exquisite Chilean food. We had a great lunch there, I ate a delicious pastel de choclo (corn pie) and drank a little of chicha and wine.

Pastel de Choclo

If you’re looking for a place close to Santiago where to spent a great time and eat some typical Chilean food you definitely should go to Pomaire. I hope to go soon again and not every 10 years.

Floreros aflorados

Felices Fiestas Patrias!

Día del Software Libre – Curicó

I’ll be traveling to Curicó the Friday 28 of September to participate in the Free Software Day Event at the UTAL, If you are traveling that they from Santiago please drop me an email so we can go together, I’m planning to go by train, it’s more fast and since i have long legs is more comfortable for me :-)

There’s a lot of great events coming up and I really encourage you to attend to this one, hope to see you around!

Fin de un capítulo

Today is my last work day at my current job, it’s been a great time, lot of fun and of course a great experience, see how a big public organization in my country works has changed my way to see everything around here, I’ve had the opportunity to met nice people and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with all my good friends with which i worked, thanks you so much for everything!.

Back to Santiago

Just get my home at Santiago de Chile from Madrid, I’ve spent one extra day at my sister’s house and did a trip around the city with Claudio, the flight was good and i just tried to sleep the much as possible.

GUADEC was really good this year, i had the chance to meet cool people for first time in person like Andre Klapper, Jens Granseuer, Karsten Bräckelmann, Paul Cooper, Henrik Omma, Carlos Perello, Andreas Nilsson, Jono Bacon, Daniel Siegel, Diego Escalante, Jörgen Scheibengruber, Adam Janos, and of course was really good to meet again to the crazy guys! Lucas Rocha, Bastien Nocera, Rodrigo Moya, Alberto Ruiz, Chema Casanova, Gil Forcada, Juanjo Sanchez, Glynn Foster, Silvia Miranda, Danilo Segan, Behnam and Behdad Esfahbod, Izabel Valverde, Quim Gil, Fernando Herrera, Carlos Garnacho, Zaheer Merali, Vincent Untz, and soo many others that i probably forgot, thanks to all you guys and of course to the GUADEC Committee for making GUADEC an awesome event!



Hacking the drinks machine