08-03-15 fossgbg event

During GUADEC’s BoF’s, a meetup at Gothenburg’s local FOSS group will be taking place. They’re called FOSSGBG and the meetup will take place on Tuesday the 11th August from 17:00 to 20:00. Also, the theme of the meetup will be GNOME!

Everyone attending GUADEC are invited and encouraged to attend. The event will include talks by Christian Hergert on Builder and by Michael Catanzaro on HTTPS. I also plan to talk a bit about my experience getting involved in GNOME.

Once the BoFs are over the plan is to meet and walk from the BoF venue over to FOSSGBG’s venue (Ekelundsgatan 4) and be there around 18.30. There will be sandwiches to grab and eat while the event is taking place.

The FOSSGBG event is free, but if you wish to come to the event (and get sandwiches!) you need to register using the link below:

There is limited space available (~30 attendees top) so I urge you to sign up right away. I also recommend to check out the other social events happening during GUADEC while you’re at it. (:

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